Textured Painting in Houston TX

If you need to add dimension or style to your home, then you can count on us to make that happen. Texture painting is great for those who are interesting in customizing their own home to create a sense of welcome. At Casa Painter, we have many years of experience and worked with over 15 different textured styles. 
Textured Painter getting ready to paint with yellow

Textured Painting Options

Choose from our selection of texture to apply to your wall:
Knockdown / Skip Trowel
Swirl / Sand Swirl / Perlite Swirl
Mud Swirl / Brush Swirl
Slapbrush / Tiger Skin / Panda Paw
Mud Trowel / Santa Fe
Perlite/ Sand
Popcorn / Acoustic / Cottage Cheese
Spanish (Knife)
Orange Peel / Egg Shell / Splatter
Crows Feet / Stomped
Wall that is textured painted

Why Textured Painting by Casa Painter

Give your rooms the highest quality textured paint by using Casa Painter. With over 10 years of experience thought Houston, we let our skills speak for itself. We have surpassed all expectations of our customers, so let us do the same for you.

Let us be your professional Houston painters.