Fence Painting & Fence Staining in Houston

As residents of Houston, Texas of more than 25+ years, we understand what the weather can do to our fences. Therefore homeowners can't just go with any paint job with Houston's hot weather and intense humidity.

We have seen fences be built from ground up and painted only to last at max a year. Properly painted fences can last up for several years if done right, and in order for that to happen, you will need have to find a specialist who understands moisture and severe weathering.  Counter to that is, done incorrectly, the fence will start to look like dead, rotting wood within a few months, then soon it will start to weaken. 

Painter Staining a wood Fence

We understand that it is MORE than a fence

Because a fence paint or stain job has to be done right, or else as homeowners, you can expect to fork up the money in the next couple of months. That's why at Casa Painter we strive to give our customers the highest return on their investments - paint finish that out shines and holds up well against rest of the dull fences in the neighborhood.

Houston Fence painting & fence staining process

Depending on the state of your current fence, we will recommend what is appropriate to achieve your goals. If your fence is covered with mold, alga, dirt, old, crumbling paint jobs, we will go in and apply the first step of treating the wood where it is striped to it is original state. This allows the staining process to reach it's maximum quality in function and appearance. If the fences are new, we can jump right over to the second step of painting.  
Picket fence painted white around the yard

Integrity & Promise

Homeowners, a good paint or stain job will not only reflects positively on your home but on you as well as person who knows quality. We have given many homeowners this to be proud of and we want to do it for you too!

Get the best Houston painters for your house.