Commercial Painting - Houston

Have a successful business that can use a boost in appearance? Revive and modernized your building with fresh coat of paint from a team of commercial painting professionals. 

We have been helping Houston businesses drive more traffic to their building for over 10 years. 

Chips, cracks, and peeling paint of a commercial property may seems insignificant, but they can actually significantly impact the bottom line. 

At Casa Painter, we make sure we give our customers the highest quality paint finish at an affordable rate. 

Painted grey and red commercial building

Building Materials

Experienced with all kinds of materials such as:
& More
Houston Commercial Muiltfamily Property Painted Grey

Why Go with Casa Painters

With every commercial project, you will have a team of skilled and professional painters who will paint the building on a timely manner with low-odor, quick-dry paint using the latest tools. A project manager will be assigned to you with an update with the latest status of the job. 

We work quickly and thoroughly so your business doesn't have long downtime. 

Let us be your Houston painting company!